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Revolutionize your martial arts training with AI

MartialMe uses cutting-edge AI technology to score your techniques and provide personalized feedback, helping you improve faster than ever before.

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AI-Powered Computer Vision for Personalized Feedback on Martial Arts

At MartialMe, we leverage cutting-edge computer vision AI technology to transform your martial arts training. Our state-of-the-art AI system utilizes advanced algorithms to meticulously analyze your techniques for accuracy and form. By providing tailored insights and personalized corrective feedback, our AI empowers you to make significant strides in your martial arts journey, accelerating your improvement and enabling you to achieve new heights in your training.

Accurate Technique Analysis

Personalized Corrective Feedback

Track Your Progress Over Time


Efficiently Manage Your Martial Arts Business Online

With MartialMe's CRM, you can easily schedule classes, communicate with students, process payments, run marketing campaigns, and integrate your Shopify store.

Easily Optimize Administrative Work

Our CRM provides a comprehensive set of features to help you efficiently manage your martial arts school.

Enhance Student Engagement and Progress

Keep your students motivated and track their progress with our integrated learning management software.

Boost Your Business Growth and Revenue

Integrate your Shopify store to sell merchandise and increase your revenue streams.

Streamline student management and track progress with MartialMe's lightweight CRM.

MartialMe's CRM simplifies student interactions by providing a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to schedule classes, communicate with students and their parents, and monitor performance to ensure the best learning experience.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Martial Arts Training with Our LMS

Our Learning Management System (LMS) empowers instructors to archive techniques, curriculum, and create video courses for students. With our LMS, you can take your martial arts training to the next level.


Store all your techniques and curriculum in our LMS for easy access and organization.


Design and share video courses to enhance your students' learning experience.

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